Newcap Radio

Junior Writer

Date Posted:2017-06-15 11:27:54

You love radio advertising.

You love engaging imaginations and persuading listeners to do precisely what you say.

You hate clichés.   And you have intimate knowledge of how an account executive, a client, and a producer can either make or break your day.

So what if you could play your commercials to a ginormous group of consumers?     And what if you could hang out with, and learn from, some of the most successful radio people working in Canada?

Newcap Radio Ottawa has an opening in the Creative Department for a Junior Writer.   We’re looking for someone with a bit of experience and a ton of energy and excitement about radio advertising.    When your commercials play on Ottawa’s Number 1 Hit Music Station, The New Hot 89.9, and Ottawa’s Alternative Rock, LiVE 88.5, the majority of adults in the National Capital Region will hear them.    We’re a legit juggernaut of audience delivery in this town.

You’ll have more power than ever before.    So not only is it important that you love to CREATE great commercials, but you also love to work closely with coworkers and clients, LISTENING for the goals of the campaigns that you’ll create.

Oh, and ideally, you’ve already been trained in Wide Orbit.

If you’re ready for a bigger stage, please email your resume and samples of your work (definitely want to see scripts, audio if you have it) by June 30 to:

Gary Schertzer

Director of Client Services

Newcap Radio Ottawa

The New Hot 89.9 (CIHT)

Ottawa’s Alternative Rock LiVE 88.5 (CILV)

No phone calls please.  Only those considered for the position will be contacted.

Newcap Radio values diversity in its work force and is committed to Employment Equity.    All applications submitted must be accompanied by a completed employment equity questionnaire form.