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Date Posted:2017-12-22 10:26:28

We’re building Edmonton’s next great morning show on 96-3 Capital FM.  Live in the Alberta Capital and watch the downtown evolution as the Ice District continues to develop.

  • Are you at the top of your game?
  • Can you make people laugh the moment you meet them?
  • You cool with sharing your life with the audience so they can get to know you and feel your humanity and realness?
  • Can you connect with the audience on-air, in person and on social media?
  • Are you tapped into pop culture and can do things with those topics that will cause you and the show to stand out, be noticed, all so people come back the next day?
  • This is not a “do your show and go home” gig.

Send some audio, grab our attention.

Show us in the audio and in your background presentation how you can “wow” the audience and why they’ll be addicted to you and the show.

John Roberts

Program Director

[email protected]

Newcap values diversity in its work force and is committed to Employment Equity, all applications submitted must be accompanied by a completed Employment Equity Questionnaire form. The form may be downloaded from the following link: :